Onion juice is good for preventing heart diseases, high blood pressure, and respiratory disorders, and is good for preventing cancer, vitalization, and stress. A heart scholar of London, after researching for a long time on heart-healthy people, concluded that onions were more effective than normal heart medicines. There are also cases where people who continually consumed onions each day had less heart diseases and respiratory disorders.

Not only that, but onion promotes secretion of insulin, thus serving to prevent and cure diabetes. It is also known to be good for various eye and nose disorders, promoting oxygen processes within the body to help brain activity. It is also good for dizziness and insomnia.

Containing 90% of water, onions have a sweet taste due to the amount of sugar substances. This is why use of onions can reduce the use of other sugars when cooking. Although it has a smaller proportion of fats, it has a higher proportion of proteins, calcium, and iron.

The distinctive taste and scent of onions is allyl sulfide, which helps secretion of digestive juices and metabolic processes, especially the absorption of vitamin B1. The onion’s antibacterial effects are also due to the allyl sulfide substance, and there are records of feeding onion juice to dysentery patients when antibacterial cures weren’t yet available.