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Better life with better health for everyone

Thanks to 30 years of accumulated knowledge and know-how, Angel Juicers can extract fiber juice.

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High Quality Stainless Steel Construction

Angel’s juicers are made of stainless steel which is approved by the FDA as a safe material for foodcontainers.

Angelia 7500 or lower model:Stainless 304 (18-8)

Angelia 8500S or upper model:Stainless 316 (18-12)

Angel Juicers keep you healthy by using Anti Bacterial Stainless Steel

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Reduction Gear and Powerful Motor

Reduction Gears made of SCM4, the same material in automobiles, has exceptional durability and
spins Twin Gears at 82RPM with 3HP.
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Safety Devices

•  Motor Protection: Installed in Main Housing Unit and made of special material to prevent a reduction gear from damaging.

•  Water Proof Button: Prevents from short-circuit.

•  Child Protection Devices: With magnetic sensor, Angel Juicer will not work while it is dissembled.

•  Automatic Heat Sensor: Senses overheat and stops the machine automatically whenoverheated.

•  Separate Power Switch: Power switch and operation switch are attached separately toprotect children from accidentally operating.

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Cooling System

Special cooling system prevents the motor from overheating and prolongs durability of the juicer.
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Various Functions with Optional Parts

Fruit sherbet, puree, peanut butter and other various foods can be produced with optional Extracting
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100% Environmental Hormone Free

Angel Juicers are made of 304(18-8) and 316(18-12) stainless steel, producing no harmfulenvironmental hormones unlike other juicers utilizing plastic parts.
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High Quality EMI Filter

Shields electromagnetic wave for users.- Acquired Australian Certificate (C-Tick)- Acquired Korean Certificate (EMI/EMS)- Acquired European Certificate (CE)- Acquired Japanese Certificate (PSE)
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MICOM (Artificial Intelligence Sensor)

MICOM stands for “Micro Processor Computer”.
This small chip is installed inside juicers to extract juices with perfection by helping the juicers extractnutrients intact and enables auto reverse function when foreign materials are inserted or overloaded.
(This feature is available on Angelia 7500 and higher models)
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Low Speed Cone Screw™ and Multi Step Extracting™ Technology

LSCS™ and MSE™ technology are used to get more nutrition as well as more juice from thevegetables and fruits.
High speed blades and gears of ordinary juicers can’t crush fibers as much and often destroynutrients with heat they produce.
Angelias utilize LSCS™ technology to deliver more nutrients by thoroughly curshing fibers whileproducing less heat.
Angelias extraction process is carefully divided into 3 steps.
Vegetables and fruits are finely ground through SHG™ technology applied Twin Gears in the firststage.
In the second stage, about 80% of juice from ingredients is extracted out.
Finally, ingredients are squeezed again to get the remaining juice extracted out from the rest of theingredients in the third stage.
With all three technologies applied Angel Juicers enable you to get the most and the best nutrientsout of vegetables and fruits.