It takes only a simple test for anyone to find out how well fibers in vegetables and fruits are ground by putting resulting pulps with water.

In the first picture, finely and evenly ground fibroid material is visible when pulp is put in the water. How well fibroid material was ground is directly linked to a juicer’s extraction rate.


SHG™ technology applied twin gear grinds materials very finely as seen.

The second picture shows the result with a juicer made of part stainless steel and part plastic


You cannot get vital enzyme nested deep in the fibers because fibroid in the vegetables are not ground well enough.

The third picture shows fibroid material you get when using a single gear. Most of the fibers are still intact even after the extraction.


Patented Angelia 3 stage juicing gear

The 3 stage stainless steel juicing gear will squeeze the last drop of juice out of the ingredients to produce the real juice

With 30 years of knowledge and know how, Angel Juicers will thoroughly extract juice even from cellulose of solid seeds!

More economic with longer use of Angel Juicer

  • 1,6000cc of juice a day is required to maintain a family of four, consuming 2 cups (200cc) of juice a day per person. By providing a higher juicing rate of 80~92% compared to other juicers, Angel Juicers reduce the cost of ingredients in the long run.
  • Famous kitchenwares in U.S. and Europe use stainless metal to prolong durability. Angel Juicers also utilise stainless metals and built to last years.
  • Drink natural vegetable juice and enjoy a healthy life that cannot be bought with money. Angel Co., Ltd. will always serve customers with respect for life and love for humanity.

High Extraction Rate from Luxury Angelia!

The above graph indicates Angel Juicer’s extraction rate comparison. Angel’s MSE™ technology applied 22cm-long (Appx. 8.6in) Twin Gears produces as much as 58% more juice compared to other company’s juicers.

The Angel Juicers guarantee the money saving experience in the long run by producing more juice from the same amount of ingredients.

Abundant Nutrition from Luxury Angelia!

The above graph indicates Angel Juicer’s superior performance. We have tested various types of juicers, but there were no other that could even
match up to the performance of Angel Juicers.

Angel’s LSCS™ technology applied 22cm-long (Appx. 8.6in) Twin Gears produces as much as 17 times more calcium and 5 times more magnesium than other juicers. No other juicers in the market could comepete against the Angel Juicers.[/fusion_text]